Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I recant. I don't hate people, and I feel like an invertebrate for having said so. What I need isn't a tirade, as satisfactory as that might sound. What I really need is to think about the day's good points. Here goes.

:::deep breath:::

1. The younger daughter after school this afternoon using her little stuffed eagle (school mascot) and her goldfish crackers to give us an impromptu demonstration at the table of what DDT does to the wildlife in an ecosystem. (I will never look at goldfish crackers the same way again.)

2. The older daughter buying her little sister a secret Easter gift with her own money.

3. Errand running with Grandma.

4. The sky at sunset as I sat on the glider and watched the colors change and the light soften.

5. The trilling of one of the creek frogs and the sweet chirping of the peepers (little tree frogs) as dusk deepened.

6. The more frequent desire to write, and the slowly widening freedom to dabble in fiction for the first time in almost twenty years.

7. A 10-15 minute conversation with a couple I'd just met--total strangers--in the hairspray aisle at Stuff-Mart. They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year, something that means more to me more than I can say. (Yes, I told them so and thanked them.)

8. The patient, hard-working, kind and faintly warped husband sleeping in the next room.

9. The light that spilled through the eastern windows in the bedroom this morning.

10. The God whose grace astounds and totally befuddles me.


alaiyo said...

I totally understood your other post, as you know. But thanks for the deep breath and sharing the beauty of the day with us, too. It's so easy to refuse the gifts He offers, and you've just given a lovely example of looking for them when it's not easy.

Love you, dear friend,


Fieldfleur said...

I'm glad we have those glimpses of hope and grace too. One needs it when parenting teens which I've been wallowing NOT in lately.
More God, please, God to deal.

Hope you have an excellent week ahead and a meaningful Easter.


Randy said...


So Scared.


::: whew :::

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

You are really sweet.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you were able to see your blessings. It's absurdly hard sometimes, isn't it?

Cindy said...

Beth--"Lovely" might not be the most accurate word to describe my looking. "Grudging," now there's a closer match. :p

Teri--Take all the notes you can. When our girls hit their teens, your inbox will be inundated with requests for suggestions.

Randy--You didn't pick up the phone, and you live half a country away. Why were you scared?

Great Scott--You know better, I'm afraid.

Jennifer--YES! It certainly is!

Randy said...

I wasn't really scared. I was being melodramatic (something I am really good at.) I didn't pick up the phone because after knowing you for a million years, I knew Abba would get you rather quickly. :)