Monday, October 17, 2005

The Week and a Birthday

First the birthday... Happy Birthday, today, Beth!!!!!! :::insert confetti, balloons, cheering, silly party hats, cake and many, many, many happy returns here:::

Then, the week... Today I ran errands with my mother. Tomorrow the younger daughter has a field trip (I'm a regular chaperone of the girls' school trips). Wednesday the older daughter has a field trip. Thursday is an early out from school for the girls, followed by parent/teacher conferences; it's also the day I have to do laundry, clean and pack for the weekend. Friday morning I have a Super Top Secret errand to run in a town an hour away from here, the girls get out early again, and then we all climb in the car and head out to the weekend-long, four-generation family reunion I've had the responsibility and privilege to put together again this year. Somewhere in the week I need to finish putting the family directory together and make copies, shop for the weekend's food, and finish and deliver some beaded spiders to the scrapbooking store (which buys them from me) in the next town. This is assuming no one springs upon me new reservations that need to be made or any other reunion related business to which I've forgotten to attend. (And, oh, my dear friends, is this ever a likelihood; I am NOT an organizer by anyone's stretch of the imagination!)

There may not be much posting going on this week. There may, on the other hand, be a great deal of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. A fascinating phenomenon to observe.

Save when one is the chicken.


alaiyo said...

Thank you, wonderful friend, for remembering me in the midst of your busy week! I now have your good wishesh, a ladybug ornament from Sarah, balloons from a colleague, cards from K and the YM, and a new grandbaby on the way from DeeDee . . . what a special day it's been!

I will pray for peace for you in the midst of the chaos of the week. Great fun and fellowship can also pose some trials along the way, but as you know the conclusion will be worth it.

Love you!


alaiyo said...

That would be "wishes," without the additional "h." Probably a good thing I don't use spell check; no telling what it might have suggested for that strange combination . . . :)

Iliana said...
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Cindy said...

Beth--DeeDee and Val are expecting?!?!?! What a birthday present! :D Thanks for your prayers; it will be a lovely week. And, BTW, birthday girls are exempt from spelling error concerns for a week. :)

Iliana--Few of my weeks are this full, thank goodness! I could skip the field trips, but, isn't that the whole reason I chose to be a stay-at-home wife/mother/daughter/granddaughter? To be available for the people who have made my life so rich? Yep. :) It's a trade-off, but a good one.

As for the question from Captivating, probably anytime they want to! Their guys would likely be more than willing to accomodate whatever opportunity arises. ;)

Iliana said...

As my 16 yr. old daughter would say; with a righteous attitude,
"Rr-ii-ght!!" Meaning our "right on!" :) Here's to blushing :))